All images are available for sale as personal downloads in this portfolio. Personal downloads can be used for personal purposes only and not for profit.
If you live in Australia or New Zealand and want a print (including canvas and acrylic options) these products are detailed in other portfolios.
Feel free to contact me if you have your heart set on an acrylic or canvas product and you live beyond Australasia - I have access to high quality labs around the globe to fulfil your requirements.
Calving glacierArctic seascapeArctic reflectionsSeal in the ArcticIce abstractThe teddy bear pose (polar bear)Kinnvika huts of the ArcticBaby reindeer eatingLomfjord landscapeThe wooden building, ArcticArctic fox stretchingArctic landscapeDawn at Stewart Island, New ZealandFaroe Islands waterfallMiovagur scene, Faroe IslandsSea stacks, Faroe IslandsGjojv seascape, Faroe IslandsNorthern lights, NorwayWharariki Beach, New ZealandIncoming tide at Wharariki Beach, New Zealand