I have coined the term 'waterscapes' to represent scenes with water other than the sea in them. Photos from Denmark, New Zealand and Faroe Islands are represented.
If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you can purchase various products (such as acrylic, canvas or print) from this portfolio. Feel free to contact me about options if you live elsewhere or look at the personal/commercial download portfolios.
Nyhavn before dawnDucks in the Faroe IslandsWaterway through Kvivik, Faroe IslandsIcy waterway in the FaroesThe famous tree, Lake WanakaLake Wanaka before sunriseAutumn in sloveniaFog at Lake BledA still morning at Lake BledSunrise and fog mixing at Lake BledLake Bled lightsLake Bled sunriseLake Bled churches and castleLake Bled panoramaSunik water grove, SloveniaTaupo sunset